Summary of international events of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group cooperates with Guangdong and Macao in TCM technology.

The Industrial Park and the University of Macau signed the agreement.
Strategic cooperation agreement
Become a Chinese medicine science and technology industrial park in cooperation with Guangdong and Macao
The first domestic famous enterprise to cooperate.


Conscientiously implement the provincial party Committee and government

On giving full play to the leading role of leading enterprises

The guiding spirit of helping Macao's moderate and diversified economic development

With the guidance and support of the governments of Guangdong and Macao

Formulated the overall development idea of "1246"

Step up to help Macao develop traditional Chinese medicine.


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to China

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group's international headquarters was formally established in Macau.


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group (Macao) International Development Industry

Ltd. officially unveiled

The first landing project is

Joint team of Academician Zhong Nanshan and Macau University of Science and Technology.

Promote the latest scientific research achievements of Banlangen in Baiyun Mountain.

Industrialization in Macao


Start the construction of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International (Macao) Qingzhou Pharmaceutical Factory.

And join hands with the University of Macau

Gongjian Chinese medicine industry zhuanhua union laboratory

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International (Macao) Qingzhou Pharmaceutical Factory

It is a cross-border industrial zone of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International in Qingzhou, Macao.

Established production base of drugs and big healthy food.

It is provided with Chinese patent medicine granules and honeyed pills.

Honey pills, hard capsules, tablets and liniments

Such as traditional Chinese patent medicine dosage forms.

And food soft capsule production line.


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International (Macao) Qingzhou Pharmaceutical Factory

Won the first oral solid preparation of traditional Chinese medicine in Macao.

(including liniment for external use) The manufacturing license of traditional Chinese medicine

It is included in the same type of permit.

The most dosage forms of Chinese patent medicine


The fist product of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group

Compound Banlangen Granule (low sugar)

Successfully approved Macao Chinese patent medicine registration certificate

It was promulgated since the implementation of Macao's Law on Pharmaceutical Activities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Registration of Chinese Patent Medicines.

The first oral approval of innovative tongfang new drug with the same name.

Innovative registration and listing of domestic Chinese patent medicines in Macao

Explore a feasible and effective new path.

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and Academician Zhong Nanshan of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health vigorously promoted the industrialization of scientific research achievements of Baiyunshan Banlangen in Macau.
The marketing licenses of Radix Isatidis granules (10g) and compound Radix Isatidis granules (15g) have been obtained.


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International (Macao) Qingzhou Pharmaceutical Factory obtained the first GMPCertificate of Chinese medicine manufacturing enterprise in Macau.
Thus, the GMPStandard for manufacturing Chinese patent medicines in Macao, which is in line with international standards, has been formed.


In 2023Year2Moon, 30/60 capsules of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International Ganoderma lucidum spore oil from Guangzhou Pharmaceutical International (Qingzhou) Pharmaceutical Factory were filled with on-site recommended inspection opinions.
Having passed the quality certification of "Q" and "M" issued by the Quality Marking Bureau of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries indicates that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Macao Qingzhou Pharmaceutical Factory has been recognized by a third-party professional organization as a landmark project of Guangdong-Macao cooperation with excellent quality.