Established in December, 2019, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group (Macao) International Development Industry Co., Ltd. is the international headquarters of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group. Promoting the moderate and diversified development of Macao's economy is the strategic plan and deployment of the central government on Macao's development, and it is also an inevitable requirement for maintaining Macao's long-term prosperity and stability. Traditional Chinese medicine industry is one of the main directions of Macao's moderate and diversified economic development, and it is also the dominant business of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group. With the support of the provincial government, Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Macao SAR Government, Zhuhai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and relevant departments, GPHL established "Macao International Development Industry Co., Ltd." in Macao. The company is positioned as an international industrial investment and market layout. As the international business headquarters of GPHL, it supports the development of pharmaceutical industry in Macao (and Hengqin) and creates a new growth pole of pharmaceutical industry with global influence and international competitiveness, leading Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, radiating Southeast Asia and Portuguese-speaking countries. It aims to deepen the cooperation in the field of medicine in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, help Macao's moderate and diversified economic development, and accelerate the internationalization of GPHL. According to the plan, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Macau International Headquarters will promote the formation of industrial alliance under the idea of "one country, two systems", "one enterprise and two places" and "one product and two sales": "one country, two systems" will give full play to the advantages of "two systems" to accelerate the pace of "going global" for Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group; "One enterprise and two places", Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has its base in Guangdong and its international headquarters in Macao, thus giving full play to the resource advantages of the two places; "one product and two sales" is more oriented to the domestic market and the international market.

  • ◆ Follow one mission:

    By helping Macao's traditional Chinese medicine industry to innovate and develop, we will support Macao's moderate economic diversification.

  • ◆ Focus on 2 targets:

    Help Macao to build a first-class international industrial base of traditional Chinese medicine.
    Take the lead in building a billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry in Macao and Hengqin.

  • ◆ Based on four focal points:

    Brand: Dig deep into Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and its subordinate enterprises, special products, and empower Macao] Chinese medicine industry with brand combination. Technology: aim at first-class technology, gather first-class talents, build a first-class platform and develop first-class achievements. Culture: cultural refining, cultural communication, cultural experience and cultural exchange, and building cultural self-confidence of traditional Chinese medicine. 、 Experience: building experience and marketing nodes in food, housing, Use, travel, shopping, Study, health and other links; Make consumers healthy and make Hengqin famous all over the world.

  • ◆ Implementation 6 major initiatives:

    Around the six levels of product, Operate, Policy, path, industrial chain and subject, we will build a complete ecology of medical and health industry, including pharmaceutical product research and development, advanced manufacturing, trade circulation, cultural experience and health preservation.